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2001 - 2016 GM Duramax EFI Live_Emissions Compliant

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$300.00 - $400.00
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Advantages of tuning with Emissions on:

• Remove limp mode conditions associated with implausibility of EGTs and poor ammonia (CEL light will still come on, but truck will not limp out so you are still able to make it to the nearest mechanic shop).
• Reduced engine EGR consumption.
• Reduced time in spent in regen and frequencies of regen (this is driver dependent and is determined how heavy you are on the gas, similar to OEM conditions)
• Keep DEF consumption at or below OEM usage rates.
• Remove speed limiter (in lo, high, normal mode)
• Allow full torque in all gears and 4 wheel low (don’t confuse this as torque management removal, as this is important to keep in place for longevity)
• Retains all OEM engine backdown derates


ALL EFI Live Autocal devices come preloaded with the customers specific tune to avoid the hassle of having to download EFI live and load the tune yourself. Detailed instructions come with every tune from how to download a simple file onto your autocal, to how to load the tune onto your vehicle. If you still need assistance, dont sweat it as world Class tech support is offered on ALL our purchases! 


How to obtain EFI Live device serial number and authentication code:  (Click Here) This is only needed if you purchased a file only


TMAX Switch: 

The idea behind the TMAX switch and associated tuning is the user will be given 2 different power levels to use.

  • One power level is linked to the normal mode of operation, ie when the truck is being driven in the NON TOW/HAUL position. This power level will be set for max safe power for when the user is not towing with the truck. It will be representative of what the truck is capable of with the OEM turbo and fuel system.
  • The other power level is linked to the TOW/HAUL mode. When the TOW/HAUL button is depressed both the Engine Calibration and the Transmission Calibration will change to a lower value that is safe for towing. Under extensive testing, we have found that 60-70 additional horsepower over stock is the maximum safe power to add to the truck for long term towing.

The benefit of changing power level in this manner is the power in NON TOW/HAUL and in TOW/HAUL position will be synced with each other so the transmission will not have to perform a relearn cycle every time the power level has been switched unlike other means of power level switching. This has been determined, through extensive testing, to prolong transmission life as well as prohibit the user from a catastrophic engine failure when towing with a high horsepower tune installed in the truck.

Power Levels

2011 - 2016 LML Duramax Single tune Options

A Flash First File update 0 HP
Street +120HP
Race +150HP
MAX +200HP**


LML DSP5 Power Levels

1 0hp
2 30hp
3 80hp
4 120hp
5 150hp**


2011 - 2016 LML Duramax TMAX Power Levels

Mode without Lift Pump HP Output Mode with Lift Pump HP Output
Normal +120hp Normal +175hp
Tow/Haul +65HP Tow/Haul +75hp


2006-2007 LBZ & 2007.5-2010 LMM Single tune and DSP Tunes

Tune Stock Trans HP Built Trans HP
HTOW +30HP +30HP
ECO +50HP +60HP
Street +100HP +120HP
Race +120HP +160HP**
Max +150HP** +230HP**


2001-2004 LB7 & 2004.5-2005.5 LLY Single tune Options

Tune Stock Trans HP Built Trans HP
HTOW +15HP +30HP
Eco +30HP +60HP
Street +60HP +120HP
Race +100HP +160HP**
Max +120HP +230HP**


**Requires Lift Pump

Power level notes: 30HP will be used for heavy towing (up to the trucks capacity). 60HP - 80HP is best for MPG and can be used for light towing for anything under 10k LBS.

Transmission Tuning Features:

Earlier Converter Lockup

Increased Line Pressure

New Shift Strategy to Keep From Luggish Shifting

Earlier Downshift with Less Throttle input

Torque Management

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