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2006 - 2020 Dodge Cummins MM3_Emissions Compliant

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$200.00 - $400.00
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Advantages of tuning with Emissions on:

• Remove limp mode conditions associated with implausibility of EGTs and poor ammonia (CEL light will still come on, but truck will not limp out so you are still able to make it to the nearest mechanic shop).
• Reduced engine EGR consumption.
• Reduced time in spent in regen and frequencies of regen (this is driver dependent and is determined how heavy you are on the gas, similar to OEM conditions)
• Keep DEF consumption at or below OEM usage rates.
• Remove speed limiter (in lo, high, normal mode)
• Allow full torque in all gears and 4 wheel low (don’t confuse this as torque management removal, as this is important to keep in place for longevity)
• Retains all OEM engine backdown derates.


Cummins CSP4/CSP5 Pass Through Switch:

CSP4/5 pass through switch allows you to change power levels on the go, or commonly referred to " switch on the fly". They do NOT require you to stop the truck and wait 5 minutes for the truck to re flash, you just turn the rotary dial to the position of the tune you want while the truck is running or driving down the road and carry on. These switches plug into the OBDII port and have a pass through port allowing you to plug something else with a OBDII plug into it, such as a Monitor.

2013-2020 Cummins Single and CSP4 Power Levels 

Tune Level / Power Levels HP Output Gains
1 - Eco / Heavy Tow +30hp
2 - EcoTow / Light Tow +65hp
3 - Street +100hp
4 - Maxx +160hp


2010-2012 Cummins Single and CSP5 Power Levels

Tune Level / Switch Position HP Output Gains
1 - Optimized Stock +15hp
2 - Tow | Heavy Tow +30 hp 
3 - EcoTow | Light Tow  +65hp 
4 - Street  +120hp 
5 - Maxx  +160hp 


2006-2009 Cummins Single and CSP5 Power Levels

Tune Level/Switch Position HP Output Gains
1-Optimized Stock +30hp
2-Tow | Heavy Tow +60hp
3-EcoTow | Light Tow +100hp
4-Street +120hp
5-Maxx +180hp


Transmission Tuning Features:

Earlier Converter Lockup

Increased Line Pressure

New Shift Strategy to Keep From Luggish Shifting

Earlier Downshift with Less Throttle input

Torque Management

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