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2017-2021 L5P Duramax_Emissions Compliant

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$400.00 - $1,100.00
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Advantages of tuning with Emissions on:

• Remove limp mode conditions associated with implausibility of EGTs and poor ammonia (CEL light will still come on, but truck will not limp out so you are still able to make it to the nearest mechanic shop).
• Reduced engine EGR consumption.
• Reduced time in spent in regen and frequencies of regen (this is driver dependent and is determined how heavy you are on the gas, similar to OEM conditions)
• Keep DEF consumption at or below OEM usage rates.
• Remove speed limiter (in lo, high, normal mode)
• Allow full torque in all gears and 4 wheel low (don’t confuse this as torque management removal, as this is important to keep in place for longevity)
• Retains all OEM engine backdown derates.


The 2017+ L5P Duramax does require an modified ECM and TCM from HPtuners in order to be able to tune the trucks.

** IMMO relearn is required via GM TIS2 with a GM MDI or Mongoose cable in order for remote start and other features to work

**ECM is sent out preprogrammed for you. All you will need to do is swap it in the truck and do the immobilizer relearn

DSP5 Tune

  • True switchable tuning where timing, boost, fueling, etc can be changed per power level
  • uses the factory cruise control buttons to change power levels
    • Hold the cruise cancel for 2 seconds, then press up or down on the cruise control to change positions
    • The glow plug indicator light will blink once per position level (ex. position 2, it will blink twice)
  • Normal Power levels are:
    • 0HP
    • 30HP
    • 80HP
    • 120HP
    • 150HP
    • 170HP

Emissions Compliant Single Power levels

  • 30HP wTCM
  • 60HP wTCM
  • 80HP wTCM
  • 100HP wTCM
  • 120HP wTCM
  • 150HP wTCM
  • 180HP wTCM
  • 200HP wTCM

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