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2017 - 2021 L5P Duramax | HP Tuners

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2017+ L5P tuning is here !


Increase power output from 0-180RWHP on your 2017-2021 L5P powered truck with the usage of Switch On The Fly (SOFT) tuning using steering wheel controls or a manual control knob. The increased power outputs are seen with no hard part changes to the truck and require all emissions equipment to be fully intact and in good working condition. For users wanting the maximum benifit from shift control and Allision transmission durability, TCM tuning is strongly advised - this is applicable to 2017-2019 Trucks only!


What the user will see as a result of our calibrations are:

  •  Increased throttle responsiveness (reduced or eliminated deadpedal)
  •  Nearly the same or similar to OEM diesel exhaust fluid consumption (DEF)
  •  Reduced EGR flow into the engine during normal operation without affect on emmissions NOx output
  •  Increased torque in all power levels which allow TCM to command the next higher gear (fuel savings)
  •  Increased time between DPF regenerations
  •  Increased fuel economy (average increase depends on driver habbits)
  •  Quicker transient response times to degraded air/fuel conditions
  •  Enhanced and more conservative engine backdowns from sustained high EGT conditions
  •  Enhanced and more conservative timing control during high load conditions (towing)
  •  Overall better drivability and end user experience

Standard power levels are:

Position 0: + 0HP ~ Stock power

Position 1: + 30HP Heavy Tow

Position 2: + 80HP Light Tow/Economy

Position 3: + 135HP Economy/Daily Driver

Position 4: + 160HP Street

Position 5: + 180HP Max Effort stock turbo/fuel system


Transmission Tuning & TCM Unlock

What the user will see as a result of TCM tuning

  • Increased transmission line pressure for holding more HP and torque (G50 solenoid control)
  • Revised shift schedule to improve drive-ability
  • Improved shift timing
  • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
  • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more directly
  • Allows transmission to handle the larger earler torque curve that can be delivered by the L5P

 --> What is required?

  • Modified T87A TCM
  • 4 required HP Universal Credits

!!This calibration package can only be installed using the HP Tuners MVPI2 or MVPI2+ or our Private lable RTD devices!! As such the end user MUST have either an unlocked/upgraded ECM from HP tuners or from VSE directly and also MUST either purchase licensing credits and MVPI2/2+ or RTD or already have them in their posession.


Federal Emissions Standards and Compliance:

--> Please be advised that these calibrations have a part number under EPA enforcement - as such will function only on trucks with working emissions control systems on them. SCR (selective catalyst reduction) DPF (deisel particulate filter) all NOx monitors, soot monitors, DEF (deisel exhaust fuel) monitors, reductant heaters/pump, EGT sensors, EGR sensors and other applicable Tier 4 emissions monitoring equipment will be required to be online before calibrations are completed and after in order for all OBDII compliance tests to be completed satisfactory and in accorance with current emissions standards. If this product is purchased with the intent to use on a truck with no emission equipment in place - we will not refund the purchase.