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2017 - 2019 VSE L5P Intake Horn with Integrated Surge Guard

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2017-2019 VSE intake air horn with integrated surge guard


1 x Stainless Steel intake air horn (No tuning required)

1 x Machined Aluminum Surge Guard (Fits stock up to 65mm turbos)

2 x GM Stainless Steel Studs with Nuts

2 x O-Rings



The factory turbocharger by Borg Warner on the 2017-2023 requires a surge guard to be installed on the turbo charger due to the MAP grove built into the factory turbo charger by design. It is of 2.5” as measured by the smallest part of the intake air horn. The plastic intake air horn and surge guard are fine for horsepower levels up to 640RWHP and 75 lbm/min and is NOT a power restriction and WILL not increase available power up to this level by replacing the intake air horn with an aftermarket one ……


Why run an aftermarket intake air horn?

The factory intake air horn runs a surge tolerance area between map outflow area and the surge ring of 2.8mm. When the trucks are turned up to higher power levels the design of the turbo requires more map outflow into the surge ring area. We increase this tolerace area to 3.7mm to keep the pressure gradients across the turbo in check. This is not a tunable thing on MAP outflow, it is part of the turbo compressor cover design.


The surge ring build into this turbo will work with the stock turbo inducer with no tuning required. On power levels over 640RWHP the factory intake horn IS a restriction and needs to be replaced with our 3.5” design.


What makes this different than what’s out there?

Currently on the market are Turbo intake horns that “claim to remove surge by removing the restriction on the factory intake horn right at the turbo inlet. The problem is 1) This isn’t a restriction 2) The narrowing of the plastic right at the turbo inlet increases available pressure right at the turbo inlet area – which pulls the turbo away from the surge line and lowers the pressure gradient across the turbo.