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2017 - 2023 VSE L5P | L5D Duramax Throttle Valve Upgrade

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Upgrade your factory leak prone L5P / L5D Throttle Valve


The factory connection point where the factory throttle valve meets the "Y" bridge is the most probable place for a boost leak due to the plastic ring design. Ours uses a 1 piece high temp oring mounted into a grove cut into the assembly for a leak proof fit. We include a barbed design on the throttle valve connection to match up with your aftermarket cold side intercooler boot to prevent it from backing off during high boost/heat scenerios.

Removal of the throttle blade means removing the possibility of the 2 fastner screws from backing out and being consumed by the motor.



  • No throttle blade (race use only)
  • 3 x 1/8" NPT connections for connecting Boost, Water/Methanol, Nitrous, or Boost leakdown equipment
  • Leak proof oring connection
  • Barbed machining for maximum grip on lower intercooler boot
  • 1/2" longer than the factory throttle valve for maximum clearance and fit

Designed to be replaced in under 30 minutes for hassel free installation.


** Race applications only, custom tuning is required ** - There are no refunds on this product after purchase

** Must be used in conjunction with aftermarket intercooler boot connections. Will NOT work with the factory cold side intercooler boot** - Intercooler piping sold separatley