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HP TUNERS | 2017 - 2019 L5P Duramax 600+ RWHP Bundle

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600+ RWHP L5P Package is HERE !


 For those looking for a dyno PROVEN emissions complaint package for your L5P equipped Duramax look no further! This package has been specifically put together to put this platform at the 620-630 RWHP mark. Although this is not the MAX power the L5P with the stock fuel system can make, it is the most drivable/street friendly Turbo/Tuning package available. Emissions Compliant – no need to remove your factory emissions equipment or DPF

What does the factory make?

The factory L5P 17-2023 will make an average of 385hp and 798ftlbs of torque on our dyno.

When set at max via tuning the L5P 2017-2023 will make SAFELY 583HP and 1310ftlbs of torque on our dyno. This package will put your L5P at 600+ HP / 1400ft/lbs with our calibration loaded.

This represents an average power gain of 200HP and 500ftlbs of torque to the ground. This is the max that the factory is capable of without seriously degrading components.

The limit of total power on the L5P platform is capped by limitations of airflow ie Lambda limited.  The factory turbo is out of air around 34psi and 480 grams of air flow ~ 590RWHP. However the fuel system is capable so long as it is in good condition of 750 RWHP. To make more power out of the L5P than the factory limited turbo, an after market turbo, a proven intake system and a turbo surge guard are required to push your L5P to the next level



Turbo: We have tested and tuned over the years thousands of L5P trucks and ALL available aftermarket turbochargers on the market. Due to the lack of compressor mapping, poor choices of turbine/vane cages we decided, to begin production of our own.


VSE FTR Stg1 turbo whats this –   We have tested and tuned over the years thousands of L5P trucks and ALL available aftermarket turbochargers on the market.  Due to the lack of compressor mapping,poor choices of turbine/vane cages, poor drivability and lag, we decided, to begin production of our own. This turbo charger has the airflow to support 600+ RWHP at 68lbm/min at 41psig boost at SEA LEVEL  (vs stock turbo 58lbm/min)

    • 68lbm/min airflow (Stock is 59 lbm/min)
    • 7 by 7 blade in house engineered custom compressor designed to maximize compressor flow while eliminating compressor surge
    • 6mm taller than factory compressor height to increase compressor efficiency (34mm vs 31.2mm)
    • 124 grams in weight (stock is 148 grams)
    • First of its kind ! Integrated compressor nut/hold down to maximize compressor flow
    • Component/polymer balanced compressor wheel
    • High Speed VSR balanced rotating assembly
    • Maximum possible efficiency with use of our in house software and compressor mapping
    • Maximum fuel economy during all uses
    • Removal of turbo lag experienced by many aftermarket turbos
    • Maximum possible exhaust brake efficiency


VSE Intake Air horn with Integrated Surge Ring whats this – The L5P turbo has a MAP groove located in the compressor cover. These means turbo outflow will occur when a turbo begins to enter the surge area of the compressor map. Because of this constant outflow the airflow must be redirected into the compressor inlet. Our intake air horn combined with integrated surge protection accomplishes this.

    • Actually designed to reduce and eliminate compressor surge via its integrated surge guard design. This mimicks factory surge protection characteristics with additional area allowed for increased compressor outflow during higher power opreration
    • Surge area increased by 1 mm for increased compressor outflow
    • Billet aluminum surge ring with OEM gasket material

S&B Intake  whats this – We have tested ALL available intakes on the market. Due to the heating of metal intakes we do not support them being installed on engines due to heat soaking. This eliminates most of the intakes out there with the exception of Banks and S&B. We have found S&B to be more repeatable for Dyno numbers and provide a more consistent flow pattern as seen by the MAF under load.


    • This cold air intake for the 2017-2023 Silverado / Sierra Duramax 6.6L was engineered to minimize air restriction and flows 47.70% better than stock. This kit comes with a fully enclosed airbox that protects the filter from dirt and keeps out engine heat.
    • Supports greater than 600RWHP and a lower D/P across the air filter
    • Designed to mimick factory airflow conditions at an idle. (MAF)

Powertrain tuning Having been in the L5P tuning game since the beginning we have seen the evolution of this platform. Tuning connects the dots between aftermarket installed equipment and the engine controllers that run them. This is vital to making the truck run properly. The additional airflow on tap allows us to leverage the additional power available while maintaining factory driving characteristics.


What the user will see as a result of our calibrations are (VSE FTR Turbo Installed) :

  •  Increased throttle responsiveness (reduced or eliminated deadpedal)
  •  Nearly the same or similar to OEM diesel exhaust fluid consumption (DEF)
  •  Reduced EGR flow into the engine during normal operation without affect on emmissions NOx output
  •  Increased torque in all power levels which allow TCM to command the next higher gear (fuel savings)
  •  Increased time between DPF regenerations
  •  Increased fuel economy (average increase depends on driver habbits)
  •  Quicker transient response times to degraded air/fuel conditions
  •  Enhanced and more conservative engine backdowns from sustained high EGT conditions
  •  Enhanced and more conservative timing control during high load conditions (towing)
  •  Overall better drivability and end user experience

Standard power levels are:

Position 0: + 0HP ~ Stock power

Position 1: + 30HP Heavy Tow

Position 2: + 80HP Light Tow/Economy

Position 3: + 135HP Economy/Daily Driver

Position 4: + 200HP Street

Position 5: + 260HP Max Effort FTR Turbo installed



Transmission Tuning & TCM Unlock

The factory TCM tuning from GM in the T87A and T93 leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to proper shift control and torque converter lockup (TCC –L/U). Often the factory TCM strategy will put the TCM into 5 and 6th and on the 10 speeds 9/10th gear locked up to early resulting in lugging and inability to downshift quick enough – especially when pulling. This problem is amplified when power is turned up.

TCM tuning should be paired with the same tune file writer as the ECM tuner. In similar fashion to the way GM would have done this the ECM and TCM work together, its important for the tune file on the TCM side to have similar torque model inputs as the ECM side.

What the user will see as a result of TCM tuning

  • Increased transmission line pressure for holding more HP and torque (G50 solenoid control)
  • Revised shift schedule to improve drive-ability
  • Improved shift timing
  • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
  • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more directly
  • Allows transmission to handle the larger earler torque curve that can be delivered by the L5P

 --> What is required?

  • Modified T87A T-93TCM (unlocked)
  • 4 required HP Universal Credits


** Warranty Disclaimer  If VIN Specific Enterprises LLC, or another designated tuner has tuned the truck that this turbo is bolted to then it is backed by a 3 year unlimited mile warranty against manufacture defects. Damage caused by poor tuning practices, or disregard for the customers vehicle, or other installation related issues are responsibility of the purchaser – not VIN Specific Enterprises LLC. Warranty coverage includes replacement of the turbo only. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 ext 2 !!