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2017 - 2023 L5P | L5D Duramax Up-Pipe Kit

$599.99 - $749.99
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Simply put the 2017-2023 L5P and L5D UP Pipes are one of the worst factory up pipe sets we have seen.

!! Optimum time to replace the factory uppipes are during turbo replacements !!

Problems include: 

  • Expansion bellows blow out easily over time due to metal used
  • Seal welds tend to leak around the factory flanges
  • Intake ports are not matched to the flanges which cause turbulance
  • Pipe bends are actually crushed causing a restriction 1.45" diameter
  • Choke points greatly increase EGTs
  • Exhast inlet at the flange necked down to 1.53"

Our up-pipes:

  • Expansion bellows are upgraded stainless steel and made from high tensile strengh 11 gauge 304 SS
  • Exhaust flanges are machine tig welded. No human will lay a weld down better than these or yeild higher strength or repeatability in weld process.
  • Intake ports are 3D port matched and machined
  • Pipe bends remain at 2" through the entire pipe run
  • Choke points are eliminated
  • Exhaust flange size increased to the manifold and turbo pedestal size of 1.765"
  • Proven 5psi drop in drive pressure at maximum stock turbo exhaust flow
  • Proven reduction in EGTs of 100F at maximum load (stock turbo)

This kit can be used with factory or any L5P/L5D exhaust manifold.

Gaskets included! - Direct bolt up and drop in. No Tuning required.

These uppipes have been tested by Superflow equipment for a 28% gain in exhaust flow over OEM.

Optional cerekoting for a 200F reduction in temperature.

ALL parts with the exception of the expansion bellows are made right here in the USA !

Replaces the following GM Part Numbers: 12688021, 12702943, 12681437, 12680270, 12681162, 12674813, 12681162, 12676611


** Warranty Disclaimer  VIN Specific Enterprises LLC, backs this product for the life against workmanship and manufacturing practices. Poor installation practice or harm caused by this product or misuse are responsibility of the customer and end user– not VIN Specific Enterprises LLC. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 ext 2 !!