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2020 - 2022 LM2 3.0L VSE Stg2R Turbo

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LM2 3.0L Turbos are finally here !

What is wrong with the stock turbo?

The factory 3.0L LM2 Turbo at 42.5 mm will supply enough air to deliver a MAX of +50HP over stock power to the motor - safely. We have found during testing that anything more than that is pushing the turbo off the compressor map and only adding unnecessary heat to the system.The factory turbo will generate 33 lbm/min of corrected airflow at max output which will generate right at 290RWHP.

Enter VSE LM2 3.0L Sgt2R Modified turbo

Goal 1 of building a modified LM2 turbo was efficiency. Efficiency creates an increase in fuel economy. We utilized a very small internal core (11mm vs 13mm) This eliminates drag across the volute of the turbo and keeps the turbo away from surge under load.

Goal 2 of building a modified LM2 turbo was a reduction in rotating weight. We reduced 6 grams of rotating mass while making the turbo larger by nearly 5mm. Less weight = quicker spooling and provides an increase in economy and a more responsive turbo.

Goal 3 What everyone came for - Power!! Our target was an increase in power of 30-40HP  over the factory turbo max to yeild a total power increase on the LM2 of 80-90HP over stock using a stock intake and heat exchanger - and we did just that. We have tested the factory LM2 bottom end to well over +100 RWHP nearing the limit of the fuel system and the rotating assembly and head gasket/bolt design can easily withstand the slightly higher cyclinder pressure that comes with it. 


VSE 3.0L LM2 Stg2R Turbo Features

  • 47mm by 66mm Compressor (Stock is 42.5 by 66mm)
  • 57 grams (Stock is 63 grams)
  • Designed for higher RPM operation due to a more robust material strength choosen than OEM
  • Modified exhaust/turbine componets
  • Optional cerekoted exhaust housing (reduces external compressor temperates by 200F and allows removal of the heat sheild) !! This is highly recommended !!
  • Compressor wheel features slow speed balancing procedures for minimal radial corrections
  • Turbine / rotating assembly features a high speed balancing procedure (+100K rpm) to ensure survival under the most extreme conditions

VSE Tuned Already?

If your LM2 has already been tuned by VSE, make sure to input your tuning order number or the VIN within the turbo order. We do not charge modifications for our own turbos.


Please remove your stock actuator and KEEP IT WITH YOU (do not send to us). You will be installing your actuator back on your new turbo. It is imporatant that your actuator be installed on your new turbo. The actuator is programmed to the ECM and if a new actuator is used it will require the new actuator to be relearned to the ECM. The actuator we have found to be a very low wear item lasting hundreds of thousands of miles and duty cycles. If your truck has signs of an Pcode associated with VGT performance (ie P003a or actuator circuit codes) please contact us and we can sell you a new GM actuator.

Core process

!! Core must be recieved PRIOR to us shipping your new turbo out!! (YOUR CORE MUST CHECK OUT GOOD ie not destroyed center section ) These units are built from factory GM/Garret units as demarked on the compressor casing. Due to increased demand our turbos are build off of new and used units as they all get upgraded internals and undergo a casing pressure test. A good turbo core consists of one with no internal damage, to casing or center section. Turbos that do not have factory turbo casting marks “GM or Garret” are not considered usable cores to us and will be rejected – please verify this prior to send in. Once your core has been received, tested and inspected we will build you a new VSE turbo. When shipping the turbo to VSE, ensure your order confirmation containing your order number or a note with the order number listed is in the box, we will not begin working on the turbo until we confirm which order it belongs to. This may result in delays longer than the standard 72 hour window.

Ship To Address:

Vin Specific Enterprises LLC

15215 Harvest Lane

Suite 4

Bennington, NE 68007



** Warranty Disclaimer  If VIN Specific Enterprises LLC, or another designated tuner has tuned the truck that this turbo is bolted to then it is backed by a 3 year unlimited mile warranty against manufacture defects from date of installation. If a NON - designated tuner has tuned the truck that this turbo is bolted to then it is backed by a 2 year unlimited mile warranty against manufacture defects from date of installation. Damage caused by poor tuning practices, or disregard for the customers vehicle, or other installation related issues are responsibility of the purchaser – not VIN Specific Enterprises LLC and the above warranty will be void. Warranty coverage includes replacement of the turbo only. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 ext 2 !!  A designated tuner list will be provided upon request.