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HP TUNERS | 2020 - 2023 L5P Duramax T93 Transmission Tuning

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▪Increased transmission line pressure

▪Revised shift schedule
▪Improved shift timing

▪Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
▪Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more efficiently
▪Allows transmission to handle the larger earler torque curve that can be delivered by the L5P


Transmission Tuning & TCM Unlock (T93) 10L1000 Finally 10 Speed Allison tuning redefined!!


Tuning and Relearn Instructions


Take advantage of the best tuning offered on the 20-23 T93 TCMs to ever be offered! - We can say that because we actually test!

The factory TCM tuning from GM in the T93 leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to proper shift control and torque converter lockup (TCC –L/U). The programming, combined with a weak 7/8/9/10 clutch pack and overdrive drum arrangement leave this transmission vulnerable during loaded scerios and when power had been increased. Factory 10 speed trucks under full throttle from a stop shift in the order of 2/3/4/5th - TCC lockup/6th TCC lockup/7th TCC lockup/8th TCC lockup/9th TCC lockup/10th TCC lockup. This shift pattern arrangement makes for an uncomfortable pattern and shift control that users coming from a 6 speed Allisons do not perfer.

Additionally towing in the mountains or at grade GM has conventionally used a poor TCC and downshift scheduling. We find many users including ourselves have needed to place the truck in manual mode to be able to control engine breaking speeds and make the ride more enjoyable when loads are approaching max GVWR.

Furthermore the factory 10 speed operates with partial EEMC (partial lockup) of the TCC clutch nearly all the time. This is used by GM to make on and off throttle transitions more comfortable. We have found, after testing that we will be removing most of this partial EECM anytime the truck is under load to keep TCC slip down and efficiency up. There are no downsides to this. In fact most of the Transmission failures we have seen have been from torque converter failure.

TCM tuning should be paired with the same tune file writer as the ECM tuner. In similar fashion to the way GM would have done this the ECM and TCM work together, its important for the tune file on the TCM side to have similar torque model inputs as the ECM side. This is even more prevalant on the 10 speed allisons.

Technical Breakdown of what we are providing.

--> First, we are removing most of the partial EEMC for torque converter lockup as described above for effeciency reasons and reliablity of the TCC. 

--> Second, In normal drive mode we are skip shifting the truck through gears 1-7 to maximise acceleration rate and minimize usage of unnecessary clutch packs in similar fashion to our 10 speed Ford tuning. We are keeping the TCC locked during gear changes under full throttle to maximixe TCC efficiency, and minimize converter heat buildup.

--> Third, In TOW/HAUL we are improving the downshift times under load, to maximize exhaust breaking efficiency, and holding the transition into 9/10 out longer to preven the TCM from shift hunting. Once the transmission gets into 10th gear we will be commanding more time vs. torque to allow the motor to load against the gear to minimize unecessary downshifting (think going over small overpasses with a trailer on).

--> Fourth, We will be raising line pressure in the areas needed (high load low RPM) and leveraging the torque based shift control to raise line pressure as the commanded torque model increases. The eliminates over pressurizeing the valve body and only commanding the line pressure that is actually required. TCM Tuning on modern controllers is much more than just "raising line pressure"

--> Fifth, we are reducing the shift timing (transient shift time) during gear changes 1-7. This will keep the truck from siting over 3200RPM while waiting for the next gear change to occur. This is critical for keeping the engine in its power band during full throttle operation


What the user will see as a result of TCM tuning

  • Increased transmission line pressure for holding more HP and torque
  • Improved shift timing
  • Re-designed torque converter lock-up strategy
  • Allows power transfer from the engine to the wheels more directly
  • Allows transmission to handle the larger earler torque curve that can be delivered by the L5P

What is required?

  • Modified T93 TCM (unlocked)
  • HP Tuners MPVI/RTD Device
  • 4 - HP Universal Credits

!!This calibration package can only be installed using the HP Tuners MVPI2 or MVPI2+ or our Private lable RTD devices!! As such the end user MUST have either an unlocked/upgraded ECM from HP tuners or from VSE directly and also MUST either purchase licensing credits and MVPI2/2+ MVPI3 or RTD or already have them in their posession.


Core TCMs shall be returned to VSE in less than 30 days of the shipment date or will subject to refusal.

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