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2020-2024 VSE LM2/LZ0 CCV Catch Can

$399.99 - $499.99
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LM2/LZ0 Integrated Catch Can



The 3.0L LM2/LZ0 Duramax Diesel from the factory directs crankcase oil vapor and condensation direclty into the turbo inlet for reburning. This oil plates out and sticks to the turbocharger blades and heat exchanger coils reducing efficiency of the system. This oil residue will increase the pressure drop across the heat exchanger resulting in higher backpressure placed on the turbo and worse fuel economy.


We have designed an integrated OEM appearing catch can system to remove this oil and water vapor intrusion as well as provides the same exact crank case vacuum draw as the factory to protect the seals of the motor.




  • Plug and play system
  • Will not void any warranty
  • Integrated drain valve
  • Maintains factory crank case pressure under all driving conditions


  • ALL 2020-2024 3.0L GM Duramax equipped 1500 Sierra / Silverado
  • ALL 2020-2024 3.0L GM Duramax equipped SUVs


Installation Time - 30 minutes


** Warranty Disclaimer  VIN Specific Enterprises LLC backs this product against manufacturer defects, defects in workmanship, and defects in quality. VIN Specific Enterprises LLC will not be held responsible for misuse of this product or damage that results from incorrect installation or service. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 !!

2 Reviews

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    Posted by Craig Brown on May 26th 2024

    The use of spring clamps is foolish in these tight firewall impinged areas. I gave up and used screw type hose clamps. The final position. Of the separator leaves contact with hoses , that is worrisome. The instructions make now mention of the need to fight with a battery ground wire that is obstructing install and final position . I am gonna watch the hoses hitting the separator for abrasion. I will remove the devise if it occurs. Very disappointed with this kit

  • 5
    Catch can is awesome!

    Posted by Andrew Morris on May 25th 2024

    Fit with no issues, have not put many miles on the truck but the few hundred already had garbage in it. Get some decent long pliers for the pain in the ass OEM clamps off the turbo!!!! Other than fighting with those, install was a piece of cake.