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OEM E41 L5P ECM External Plastic Connector Repair

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*Please ship ECM's to 15215 Harvest Ln Suite #4, Bennington, NE 68007*


GM E41/L5P Connector Repair 


The E41 – L5P ECM Connector repair process allows you to have your ECM, which may have one or more connectors broken or destroyed professionally repaired and bonded. This repair is LIFETIME warrantied for damage due to normal wear and tear process of removing and installing an ECM in the vehicle.  


What we do –

  1. Test your ECM for connectivity on our bench (if no connectivity we stop here)
  2. Remove all 3 connectors from you E41/L5P ECM (even if only 1 is broke)
  3. Machine and bond 3 new 6061 billet AL anodized connectors in place
  4. Retest your ECM for connectivity on our bench post repair
  5. If steps 1-4 are completed satisfactory we tag the ECM in accordance with our warranty process.

What we will not do – 

  1. Repair ECM connectors on an ECM that has sustained impact damage to the casing front or back.
  2. Repair ECM connector “center divider plate”  or repair ECM connectors with damage to any of the center divider plates. 
  3. Repair an ECM that has damaged/broken/missing ECM pins