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2017-2024 L5P CCV Upgrade Kit

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L5P CCV Upgrade system – keep your Turbo and intake air system clean!


Install Instructions


What is a CCV system ?

CCV stands for “Crankcase Ventilation” On all diesels and especially the L5P the CCV is connected to a valve cover to extract the combustion gasses that have entered the crankcase via bypassing the piston rings, and other gasses as the result of oil aeration. The CCV system connects to the factory intake or intake manifold, in the case of diesels – the intake air horn. The factory intake air horn draws a vacuum across the CCV system by way of BERNOULLIS PRINCIPAL to pull crankcase gases out of the engine and reburn them in the motor. The problem is often as a diesel wears out they endup with a lot of blow by and oil injection into the inlet of the turbo. The truck consumes this oil as part of emissions standards and best practices of crank case evacuation.


What is this ?


This is an upgrade to the existing L5P CCV system that is failure prone due to cracking of the factory plastic over time. It also stops the high temperature charge air temp from the turbo from being drove through the factory CCV system and into the intake air horn into the turbo inlet.


The CCV upgrade system once installed will allow more oil to be removed from the CCV supply line by usage of 2 differential drop devices that are integrated into the CCV block. This highly effective method, used for years in marine applications and other high output diesel applications is passive (no moving parts) and will keep the intake track of your L5P as clean as possible and avoid hot air combined with oil from entering the system.


Why did we make this?


2 Reasons

  1. The factory CCV tends to fail and break over time. As it is failing it allows the boost pressure from the CCV to be applied through the CCV system and be introduced into the intake track via the intake air horn.The factory CCV system is NOT SERVICABLE as a part does not exist until now to replace it. To fix a failed CCV system on the L5P the entire drivers side valve cover needs to be removed including the injectors and fuel lines to gain access to it. This is a 6 hour job and an un-necessary expenense!
  2. By removing the factory CCV component you remove the failure prone oil fill location. The factory oil fill location is in a bad spot for anyone using gallon fill jugs. Our kit locates the oil fill connection to the front of the motor with a billet standpipe tall enough to clear engine accessories and provides a great place to fill the motor with engine oil. It also separates the CCV system from the oil fill port for safety purposes.






The factory has 4 safety lock screws attaching the factory CCV to the engine.  Installation time is 30-45 min.




** Warranty Disclaimer  VIN Specific Enterprises LLC, backs this product for the life against workmanship and manufacturing practices. Poor installation practice or harm caused by this product or misuse are responsibility of the customer and end user– not VIN Specific Enterprises LLC. If there are questions regarding installation, or warranty call 1-833-789-7700 ext 2 !!